iSAR+ project consortium organized the final workshop, in Lisbon, Portugal
The iSAR+ final presentation workshop occurred on June 25th, in Lisbon, Portugal, at the Police Sciences and Internal Security’s High Institute, the “Academy” of PSP (Portuguese Safety Police) officers. The final workshop closes the research activities performed in the scope of iSAR+. The objective of this workshop was to present a summary of the “iSAR+ Guidelines & Roadmap” and the “iSAR+ Business Plan”. For this purpose iSAR+ consortium invited:

• All end-users involved during iSAR+ life-cycle;

• The project Officer;

• The project EC Reviewer;

• The coordinators of relevant EC projects;

• Entities selected by each partner.

The Program of workshop included:

• Project Overview, presented by the project coordinator

• Opening Keynote – “Introduction to Integrated System for Relief Operations”, presented by the representative of the Portuguese National Authority for Civil Protection, National Operations Assistant

• Human Perspective, presented by the leader of Human analysis work package

• Organizational Guidelines, presented by the leader of Organizational analysis work package

• Technological Guidelines, presented by the leader of Technological analysis work package

• Ethical & Legal Considerations, presented by the leader of Ethical & Legal analysis work package

• Closing Notes, presented by the project coordinator.


Upcoming events related to iSAR+ project:

- iSAR+ final workshop, during which iSAR+ results will be presented to end-users, representatives of Europen Commison and other EC projects, 25.06.2015, Police Sciences and Internal Security’s High Institute, Lisbon, Portugal

- Presentation and associated publication (in English) on Social media in safety communication, 21st Nordic Research Conference on Safety, NoFS 2015, Porvoo, Finland on 25-27.08.2015


iSAR+ project consortium organized the workshop, which occurred in May 8th 2015, in the Boston Emergency Medical Services, in Boston, USA
Since its beginning, iSAR+ invested in a wide dissemination of its own produced results, an effort reinforced by the gathering of relevant end-users and by being attentive to widely known and recognised conferences or workshops dedicated to research communities, companies and professionals working in public safety services. Aiming the attainment of one of its goals – “Reach a wide dissemination of results”, iSAR+ intended to promote a transatlantic Workshop, more precisely in the U.S. to disseminate the iSAR+ with the objectives of: Present and discuss iSAR+ platform and recommendations; analyse US end-users’ experience on the use of Social Media in Crisis/Emergency Management. The workshop should occur in the last phase of iSAR+ project, at the time when the THEO individual recommendations were integrated toward the preparation of the final guidelines and roadmap, right on time to be taken into account for the iSAR+ Guidelines and Roadmap, the most important outcomes of the project. The workshop occurred in May 8th, in the Boston Emergency Medical Services facilities, with the participation of THEO WP leaders, the iSAR+ coordinators and the following end-user entities:

· Boston Emergency Medical Services (EMS);

· Boston Police Department (PD);

· Boston Fire Department (FD);

· Mccall Ambulance;

· PSNet (Interisle).

iSAR+ WP leaders had the opportunity to present their research activities results and discuss with US end-users the recommendation prepared within each of the THEO dimensions. The discussion points and conclusion will be presented in iSAR+ deliverable D731 – Workshops at the nd of June 2015 (refer to iSAR+ website). This workshop was a very important first approach. It was very useful for the project to be able to discuss and present iSAR+ work to Boston Emergency Services. It was agreed to keep an open communications channel between the project and the Boston services for further exchange of experiences and information.


Two iSAR+ brochures are available now
The first with the iSAR+ objectives and ideas and the second one with the recent achievements and results

• Brochure 1

• Brochure 2


iSAR+ project and its results will be presented during the following upcoming events

ENNA Conference , 22-24 April 2015, Bucharest, Romania. Conference agenda is available here.

19th World Congress of Disaster and Emergency Medicine, April 21st to 24th 2015, Cape Town, South Africa . Presentation related to iSAR+ entitled: Comparison of the use of traditional and social media by public protection and disaster relief representatives in four European countries.

12th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management – ISCRAM, 24-27 May 2015, Kristiansand, Norway.

    • One of the iSAR+ results - Text Analysis Tool TWeet lOcator – TAT2 will be presented during the conference.

    • Moreover, iSAR+ will be one of 21 European Projects being presented during EU Project Symposium, organized during the conference, EU Project Symposium programme is available here

24th SRA-Europe Conference, 15-17June 2015, Maastricht. Presentation related to iSAR+ entitled: Flood experience in Germany – the impact on risk perception, concern, and social media usefulness.

Fire research days 2015, 24.-25 August 2015, Espoo, Finland. iSAR+ results will be introduced.


iSAR+ news and results have been published in numerous Press Releases

Press Release after the French Showcase has been issued and published at iSAR+ project website and CORDIS website.

• Moreover, Press Release has been published in local/national journals and Consortium partners company websites, e.g. in Finland, Portugal, Norway and Poland:

Translated iSAR+ press release disseminated to Finnish media and ESC stakeholders, published also on ESC website and social media
(9 January 2015)

TEKEVER website

• ITTI website here and here.

• Press Release announcing iSAR+ FI showcase and inviting media (14 January 2015)

• Press release on iSAR+ FI user showcase and results on ESC website (16 February 2015)

• iSAR+ film promotion has been included in PPSL March Newsletter (3 April 2015, Elancourt, France) .


iSAR+ 3rd Showcase
Read about iSAR+ final showcase in Kuopion, Finland in D2.265 iSAR+ Finnish Showcase Report


iSAR+ 3rd Showcase
Final 3rd iSAR+ showcase and 3rd workshop are planned to be held in Kuopio, Finland on 10-11.02.2015. During the showcase iSAR+ tools will be used in three simulated scenarios, i.e.:
• aircraft accident
• hazardous material accident
• storm.


iSAR+ project Press Release has been issued
iSAR+ project Press Release has been issued, after the 2nd iSAR+ showcase and 2nd workshop, which have been held in Paris, France in September, 2014. Press Release can be found here.


Workshops with other FP_7 projects
Two workshops on "Interoperability of Radio Dispatcher Systems for First Responders and Utilities" was attended by iSAR+ representatives. During the workshop 4 FP_7 EU projects from the area of crisis management was presented, i.e. HIT-GATE, PPDR-TC, FREESIC and iSAR+. Moreover, iSAR+ leaflets was distributed among the workshops participants. Detailed plan of workshops can be found here.


iSAR+ was presented during the ISCRAM 2014 conference - the 11th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management, on 18-21.05. 2014, at The Pennsylvania State University, State College, Pennsylvania, USA. The theme of this year edition of conference was: Empowering Citizens and Communities through Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management. Conference was attended by c.a. 200 participants from all over the world. Many interesting papers have been presented from different areas such as social media in crisis management, ethical and legal issues, modelling and simulation, geographic information science, forecasting and planning. Paper related to iSAR+ was presented during the session devoted to Social Media in Crisis Response and Management and it was received enthusiastically. Moreover, iSAR+ representative distributed project leaflets and performed networking with other participants.


EENA Conference
iSAR+ project was presented during the EENA conference (European Emergency Number Association) on 2-4.04.2014 in Warsaw, Poland. EENA was a 3-day conference gathering European emergency services, public authorities, researchers and industry representatives. It aims at fostering the sharing of best practice between the relevant stakeholders and discussing high-level issues but also operations and technical issues. This year more than 400 attendees from 5 continents have followed the conference. The booklet with the content and scope of the conference presentations along the 3 days event can be found here. During this event Deveryware, an iSAR+ partner presented a set of applications, components of iSAR+, a EU FP7 Program, innovating tools which are specifically designed to demonstrate the benefits of Smartphones to establish an intelligent link between authorities and citizens in case of crisis or emergency situations. iSAR+ representatives explained the scope of iSAR+ project distributing brochures and flyers. Public Safety organization from EU and Asia, Regulators, Telco Operators representatives have been those who visited Deveryware stand along these 3 days. Most of the time, presentation and demos of the tools have generated a great interest from this audience.


Newsletter Issue 01


WP3-6 are starting
After completion of milestone MS1 – works in work packages WP3-6 are starting in September. They will focus on the use of social media in crisis management analysed from the perspective of combined four THEO dimensions (Organizational, Human, Ethical and Legal and Technological).


1st iSAR+ showcase and 1st workshop are planned to be held in Cascais, Portugal on 9-10.10.2013.
The purpose of this event is to showcase the iSAR+ concept in order to consolidate it with end users feedback, verify end-users requirements and expectations. The showcase will include a Command Post Exercise (CPX) where PPDRs will actually use the iSAR+ tools (in the form of mock-up) for showcasing the iSAR+ concept. On the day after the showcase, a workshop shall allow all participants (including end users) to share their view on the showcase results and how these affect the project's next steps.


Milestone MS1 “Completion of Case Studies, Reference Scenarios and User requirements” has been achieved. Meeting summarizing milestone MS1 had place in Lisbon, Portugal on 16-17.07.2013.
Milestone MS1 objectives have been achieved, historical events, case studies that address large scale crises where social media and communication technology facilitated or challenged citizens and PPDR response have been analyzed in task T2.1 and described in D2.211 deliverable. Reference Scenarios and User requirement have been defined in task T2.2 and described in D2.221 deliverable.


Collaboration with end-users (PPDR organizations and citizens)
During end users requirements collection process multiple partners have been meeting end-users and thus initiating R&D relation with community. In total around 130 PPDRs representatives and over 300 citizens from different European Counties were either met physically or asked for feedback on the "role/need of social media in crisis situations". In general the feedback was very positive - end-users have underlined the role of social media in crisis communication and provided overview of usage and perception of social media both by PPDRs organizations and citizens. They expressed interest in the products of iSAR+. Results of these meetings and interviews are reflected in D2.221 “User Requirements Document”.
The following PPDRs were contacted:
• Rescue Department (FI)
• Crisis centre of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (FR)
• Central Directorate of Public Safety / C2 commanders (FR)
• National Gendarmerie (FR)
• Fire brigade operational centre (FR, PL)
• Fire Brigade (IR)
• Prefecture Innovation Lab (FR)
• Voivodeship Centre of Emergency Information (PL)
• Public Security Police (PT)
• Police (FI, IR)
• Civil Protection Services (PT)
• Management of digital media (UK)
• Operators and managers at medical communication centre (NO)
• Public administration (PL)

The following WP2 deliverables have been finished:
• D2.211 “Case Studies and Evidence on the Use of Mobile Technology and Social Media in Crises”
• D2.221 “User Requirements Document”
• D2.231 “iSAR+ Concept Prototype”

Business and marketing plan and communication plan for iSAR+ project have been defined and described in deliverables D7.711 "Business and marketing plan" and D7.721 "Communication plan"

D1.161 deliverable “Potential dual-use technologies and associated mitigation strategy” has been finished